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Light Housekeeping

Our caregivers assist elderly clients with daily household chores. Older adults often need just a little assistance keeping their home clean, tidy and safe. Although we are not a cleaning service, J. Private Home Care, INC. caregivers are happy to assist with light housekeeping.

  • General cleaning
    • Vacuuming or mopping hard and soft surfaces
    • Bathrooms and windows washed & cleaned
  • Kitchen cleaning
    • Cleaning of the fridge and freezer
    • Wiping over the oven
    • Removing out of date foods
  • External areas
    • Sweeping of verandas and balconies
    • Pulling weeds
    • Cleaning paths
  • Laundry
    • Washing and changing of bed linen
    • Washing and changing towels
    • Washing, ironing and putting away clothes
  • General errands
    • Shopping
    • Going to the pharmacy
    • Taking and collecting the dry cleaning